8 Jobs That Deal with Unique Workers’ Comp Claims

8 Jobs That Deal with Unique Workers’ Comp Claims


Workers’ comp claims are an important tool in keeping injured workers protected. When someone is injured at the workplace, through no fault of their own, they often rely on workers’ comp payouts to handle the physical and financial damages they endure. Not every profession’s workers’ comp claim process feels the same, however. There are eight jobs, in particular, that tend to deal with highly unique workers’ comp claims:

1. Airline Workers

While flying on an airplane is safer than it’s ever been, accidents still happen. Airline workers who are injured in crashes, or extremely inclement weather, often deal with incredibly unique workers’ comp claims. Because of the oddity of air travel, gathering evidence and filing claims can be more difficult. Thankfully, many lawyers are dedicated to getting fair compensation for all injured workers, and to help them navigate the sometimes-confusing nature of filing a quality workers’ comp claim.

2. Housekeepers and Cleaning Workers

Many people would assume that professional cleaners and housekeepers never have to worry about workplace injuries. However, due to being on their feet all day, and dealing with potentially-hazardous cleaning chemicals, cleaning workers are injured much more often than you might assume. Additionally, since there are many elderly cleaning workers, workers’ comp claims sometimes arise more often. Cleaning managers need to ensure that they are giving every employee fair and reasonable work expectations to avoid high workplace injury rates.

3. Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers give their all to keep the rest of us alive and healthy. Because they work long hours, and in sometimes disease-filled areas, they have some of the riskier jobs in America. Healthcare workers often have to lift elderly patients, and overweight patients as well, which can lead to back injuries if they are not careful. Workers’ comp claims for medical professionals are sometimes associated with other medical organizations, so they can become complex quickly.

4. Law Enforcement

Many of the world’s most unique workers’ comp claims deal with law enforcement and other emergency personnel. These workers must deal with criminal situations, dangerous altercations, and long hours on the road. When these workers are injured, or even killed, in the line of duty, they (or their surviving family members) must receive ample workers’ comp claims and other damages. After all, they deserve this protection due to their dedication to serving the public every single day.

5. Construction Workers

It’s no secret that construction work is often dangerous. Falling debris, heavy machinery accidents, and other on-the-job faults can lead to intense injuries in the blink of an eye. Professional construction sites are set up to make the work as safe as possible, but accidents still happen. That being said, construction workers often expect the occasional injury, which allows them to approach the workers’ comp claim process with a bit more confidence and prior-existing knowledge.

6. Warehouse Workers

Similar to construction work, warehouse workers are constantly surrounded by potentially-hazardous environments. Forklifts, the need for constant movement, and heavy shelving units all present potential dangers for warehouse workers. If a warehouse worker is not unionized, they may have a harder time putting together workers’ comp claims due to the unique working conditions. Due to this, it becomes that much more important for them to seek out a knowledgeable and professional workers’ comp lawyer to assist them with their claims.

7. Logging Workers

Logging workers deal with some of the most consistently-dangerous job sites in America. There are many intense tasks they handle every day that can lead to both serious injuries, and even death, after all. The profession has one of the largest workers’ comp claim rates due to how common workplace injuries are. Thankfully, the industry is doing its best to make the job safer with each passing year.

8. Roofing Workers

Roofers have to deal with often uncomfortable and potentially-dangerous job sites. The height that they’re typically working at alone is enough to scare most people away from the job. That being said, great heights are not the most dangerous hazard of roofing work. Inclement weather – such as intense heat and wind speeds – causes more injuries on average.

You Deserve Compensation for Work Injuries

In most states, employers are legally required to have solid workers’ comp insurance plans. Having a quality workers’ comp lawyer in your corner can help you breeze through the filing process, however. No matter what type of injury and claim you’re dealing with, a professional should have the knowledge to get you the compensation payout that you deserve.