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Agile Methodologies: A Beginner’s Guide – Planview


… 1. Kanban Method (Agile or Lean) · 2. Scrum · 3. Extreme Programming (XP) · 4. Feature-Driven Development (FDD) · 5. Crystal Methodology · 6. Lean (Bonus).(2)

Choice of Agile Methodologies in Software Development

… by S Rajagopalan · · Cited by 29 — by S Rajagopalan · · Cited by 29Geambasu et al. () also developed an extant view of agile methods by using factors derived from literature. ADOPTING AGILE METHODOLOGIES. Role of the (3)

… Agile software development is more than frameworks such as Scrum Extreme Programming or Feature-Driven Development (FDD). Agile software development is more (4)

Acceptance of agile methodologies: A critical review and …


… 2 The Agile methodology is a collection of principles that value adaptability and flexibility. Agile aims to provide better responsiveness to (6)

Agile processes – PMI

… From this point of view programs as agile projects do carry-on an adaptive process though they refer to a Program Plan and a Roadmap.(7)

… The Agile methodology was created by a group of software developers who wanted a better approach to the traditional development process which they found to (8)

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