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Geographical patterns in climate and agricultural technology …


… by TJ Lybbert · · Cited by 270 — by TJ Lybbert · · Cited by 270▻ Technology diffusion will shape how and how well farmers respond to climate change. ▻ We discuss relevant technologies and explore needed policies and (2)

Agricultural Technology – an overview … – ScienceDirect.com

… ATMA is supposed to act as an umbrella organization for all major stakeholders in agriculture and allied activities within a district. The Strategic Research (3)

… by H Mao · · Cited by 42 — by H Mao · · Cited by 42From the sustainable agricultural development perspective farmers with a larger production scale pay more attention to the long-term sustainability of (4)

Technologies for Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector – UNFCCC

… become ‘opinion leaders’ who ultimately encourage the wider community to adopt the technology as well (UN-. FCCC b). The adoption of agricultural (5)

… 20 FAO has outlined a range of science technology and innovation options available for increased agricultural productivity in Africa that include:.(6)

Rethinking technological change in smallholder agriculture

… 22 The concept of adoption also fits harmoniously with induced innovation theory in which new technology is developed in response to a resource (7)

… by PJ Burgess · 2009 · Cited by 67 — by PJ Burgess · 2009 · Cited by 67Between 1985 and 2007 in a market where food prices were relatively low the focus of public-funded research and technological innovation moved away from (8)

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