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Opinion: Artificial intelligence — a blessing in disguise

… 24 Many experts in AI agree that artificial intelligence will contribute to an improved and more efficient society according to Shadow Robot (1)


Artificial Intelligence – Overview – Tutorialspoint

… Artificial intelligence is a science and technology based on disciplines such as Computer Science Biology Psychology Linguistics Mathematics and (3)

… 9 The most basic type of artificial intelligence is reactive AI which is programmed to provide a predictable output based on the input it (4)

Human- versus Artificial Intelligence – Frontiers

… by JEH Korteling · · Cited by 40 — by JEH Korteling · · Cited by 40Intelligence is a multi-dimensional (quantitative qualitative) concept. All dimensions of AI unfold and grow along their own different path (5)


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Why is it Important?

… Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence that enables systems to learn patterns from data and subsequently improve future experience. View (7)


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