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Augmented Reality – Technologies – Human Interface Guidelines

… If your app encourages people to move introduce motion gradually. For example you might not want to make people dodge a virtual projectile as soon as they (1)


Difficulties in the Incorporation of Augmented Reality in …

… by JB Osuna · · Cited by 96 — by JB Osuna · · Cited by 96“mented reality” (AR) is presented as technology that harmonizes in real time and with user collaboration digital information with (3)

… 30 We explore the positive implications of AR on user innovation and creativity. While it is widely regarded that AR is a progressive medium (4)

AR home – Google AR & VR


… 2 If we’re going to bring digital experiences into the real world AR is a great start. Using body and face tracking as well as advanced scene (6)

Perspectives on how to evaluate augmented reality …

… by MMO da Silva · · Cited by 50 — by MMO da Silva · · Cited by 50mented reality (AR) is a technology that consists of adding virtual elements to a real scene coherently so that ideal users cannot (7)

… 22 mented reality (AR) is an interactive way for users of (most often) handheld devices to see the world before them with additional objects (8)

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