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Autonomous ships: a review, innovative applications and …


… The MSC approved a road map containing a work plan for the development of IMO instruments for itime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS). The road map envisages (2)

Autonomous Ships and the Law – 1st Edition – Henrik Ringbom

… Interest in autonomous ships has grown exponentially over the past few years. Whereas a few years ago the prospect of unmanned and autonomous vessels (3)

… 13 According to Orca AI its safety navigation system was set up on the cargo ship to operate as a “human watchkeeper” providing real-time (4)

Autonomy: The Vision Of Autonomous Shipping – Marine Link

… 24 For example autonomous ships may reduce the risk of human error given there’s no crew but new types of risks will be created and this means (5)

… 24 And while such technologies could lead to a fully autonomous vessel one day it feels like the industry has reached the conclusion that this is (6)

Autonomous Ships Market Worth $13.4 Billion By 2025 | CAGR


… Different methods and levels of autonomy can be achieved through monitoring and remote control from a nearby manned ship an onshore control center or through (8)

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