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What Is Big Data? | Google Cloud

… Distributed computing means big data is stored and processed on different computers which communicate over a network. A software framework like Hadoop makes it (1)


Big Data in Marketing 101: Why it’s Important | Talend

… The 360-degree view from big data allows marketers to present customer-specific content when and where it is most effective to improve online and in-store brand (3)


The state of the art and taxonomy of big data analytics


… COMPETITION LAW AND BIG DATA: THE ENFORCERS’ VIEW. Bruno Lasserre. 1. Andreas Mundt. 2. Keywords: big data; digital markets; platform;.(6)

Digital Vision for Supercomputing and Big Data – Atos

… We are at the dawning of the Age of Data. A staggering 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. As this proliferation continues (7)

… by D Talia · · Cited by 24 — by D Talia · · Cited by 24Scalability is a key feature for big data analysis and machine learning frameworks and for applications that need to analyze very large and (8)

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