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What Is Biometric Authentication? Definition, Benefits, and Tools

… 29 Biometric authentication is defined as a security measure that matches the biometric features of a user looking to access a device or a (1)


How Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Works – 1Kosmos

… 20 Biometric authentication uses factors of inherence (physical features or behavioral traits) as a form of identity verification.(3)


What is Biometrics? How is it used in security? – Kaspersky

… India’s Unique ID Authority of India Aadhaar program is a good example. Initiated in 2009 the multi-step authentication program incorporates iris scans (5)

… Authentication usually relies on statical processes like the use of passwords cards or any biometric trait of the person. The main aim is to verify the (6)

What Is Biometric Authentication? – How Does It Work? – SEON

… Biometric authentication is the use of a person’s unique biological characteristics – such as their fingerprints voice or retina – to authenticate their (7)

… One method of protecting sensitive information or premium content within your app is to request biometric authentication such as using face recognition or (8)

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