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Brain-Computer Interfaces Are Coming. Will We Be Ready?

… 27–Today this type of brain-computer interface (BCI) technology is still being developed in labs like the one at ASU in which has since (1)

… Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are systems that allow communication between the brain and various machines. They work in three main steps: collecting brain (2)

(PDF) Brain Computer Interfaces: Psychology and Pragmatic …

… The basic idea behind BCI is to allow for the interaction between computers and humans who have problems communicating with electronic devices due to (3)

… by J Kögel · · Cited by 47 — by J Kögel · · Cited by 47The rapid expansion of research on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) is not only due to the promising solutions offered for persons with physical (4)

Interface, interaction, and intelligence in … – PubMed


… by S Steinert · · Cited by 58 — by S Steinert · · Cited by 58A striking peculiarity of BCI technology is that the kind of actions it enables seems to differ from paradigmatic human actions because (6)

Editorial: Brain-Computer Interfaces: Novel Applications and …

… A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) allows people to communicate through brain signals without the need of any muscular movement. This modern technology may be (7)


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