A View On Carbon Capture And Storage

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Carbon capture and storage at the end of a lost decade


… 14 CCS could capture more than 90% of CO2 emissions It will take a range of technologies to meet climate goals. But with the ability to capture (2)

Public perception of carbon capture and storage – NCBI

… by P Tcvetkov · · Cited by 81 — by P Tcvetkov · · Cited by 81Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a technology enabling to use fossil fuels in a sustainable way. Therefore it attracts much attention (3)


Lifetime of carbon capture and storage as a climate-change …

… by ML Szulczewski · · Cited by 458 — by ML Szulczewski · · Cited by 458In carbon capture and storage (CCS) CO2 is captured at power plants and then injected underground into reservoirs like deep saline aquifers for long-term (5)


Carbon Capture and Storage: A View from Asia

… 13 While direct air capture that sucks carbon in the air into storage is still in a very early stage of development carbon capture utilization and (7)


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