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View of Review of Cartography. – Cartographic Perspectives

… by M Denil · — by M Denil · “This book is boldly intended as a one-stop shop for cartography. It’s the book for aspiring mapmakers that can act as a guide and a grounding in the ideas (1)

… by A Cowart · · Cited by 2 — by A Cowart · · Cited by 2For someone to read these maps they must begin to understand that while the map portrays a certain authority the mapped data may not exist in the real (2)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection | The Collection

… Browse 120000 Maps and Images in LUNA Viewer Visit David Rumsey Map Center at Stanford Library View Maps Recently Added to Online Collection Welco(3)

… by R Kitchin · Cited by 285 — by R Kitchin · Cited by 285A useful way of starting to understand how and why map theory varies is to explore some of the dimensions across which philosophical debate is made. Table 1.1.(4)

View of Review of Mapping Latin America


… by JB Harley · Cited by 3533 — by JB Harley · Cited by 3533Much of the power of the map as a representation of social geography is that it operates behind a mask of a seemingly neutral science. It hides and denies its (6)

View of The Search for a Radical Cartography

… by M Denil · · Cited by 28 — by M Denil · · Cited by 28The term mapicity is proposed to instantiate that quality which all maps must possess in order to be recognized and employed as maps and the term radicality is (7)

… by M Denil · · Cited by 13 — by M Denil · · Cited by 13A formal interpretation model derived from the work of Erwin Panofsky is applied to examine how meaning is brought to the map. The core issue is whether maps (8)

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