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Cloud orchestration – definition & overview – Sumo Logic

… Cloud computing systems deal with huge amounts of data across multiple cloud environments making it difficult to establish and maintain coherent processes that (1)

… 11 Ample data handled through cloud computing across multiple systems leads to variability that makes management. coherence and security are major (2)

Cloud Orchestration Overview and Strategy Resources – Intel


… 23 Automation can help by reducing or replacing the need for human interaction with IT systems and instead of using application software to perform (4)

What is cloud orchestration and why is it critical for business?

… 18 Similar to how an operating system is designed for technology task management a cloud orchestrating system will be designed for user task (5)

… Cloud orchestration is the use of code and configuration files to manage the core infrastructure and workflows across a cloud environment. It is used to tie (6)

What is IT Infrastructure Orchestration – Pliant

… Cloud orchestration is typically used to orchestrate predictable tasks in cloud-based IT systems including provisioning starting or decommissioning (7)

… 27 Orchestration offers an excellent bird’s-eye view of all the software systems that are set up. It provides visibility and control for elaborate (8)

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