A View On Cybersecurity For Agricultural Technology

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Cybersecurity in the Agrifood sector – WUR eDepot

… by MJ Bogaardt · · Cited by 16 — by MJ Bogaardt · · Cited by 16Securing data as crucial asset for agriculture Information and Communication Technology as a Driver for Change in Agri-food Chains in: EuroChoices vol (1)

… 18 Unauthorized access to unmanned aerial systems that can be used for seed distribution are examples of a cyber risk that advancing technology (2)

Collaborative project seeks to protect agricultural technology …

… 1 “It’s been a really fruitful collaboration” Pitla said. “Agriculture researchers and cybersecurity experts are both really important to conduct (3)

… 9 Most of today’s farming equipment has incorporated sophisticated software that allows for better data control transparency and safety through (4)

Cyber security in agriculture: Adopt technology and keep your …

… 11 Cyber security for smart technology used in the agricultural industry. The second area of risk lies with the use of IoT sensors on the farm (5)

… 15 In order to protect our food sources government officials quickly need to issue proper guidance on securing technology in the agriculture (6)

Protecting Your Farm Against Cyber Attacks – AgAmerica

… 23 Recent Cyber Attacks in Agriculture The rapid adoption of ag technology has brought with it a wave of cybercriminal activity targeting the (7)

… 20 Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers Modern “smart” farm machinery is vulnerable to malicious hackers (8)

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