A View On Cybersecurity For Drones

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Cybersecurity And Drones: A Threat From Above – Forbes

… 25 As the world looks to address the growing interest in commercial drone usage as an everyday tool and a societal norm there should be an (1)

… 9 In fact there have been many arrests for drone spying — and that’s not all a drone can do. In addition to taking bird’s-eye pictures and video (2)

Cybersecurity risk assessment for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

… 1 (3)

… 4 The illegal usage of drones has become a squeezing security worry across the world. Cyber criminals and other activists are embracing drone (4)

A Game of Drones: Cyber Security in UAVs – DiVA portal

… by E Dahlman · · Cited by 9 — by E Dahlman · · Cited by 9Drone UAV cyber attack hacking UAS cyber security. 12. Page 19. The method for comparison and analysis of the attacks is STRIDE explained in the (5)


Wireless Communications for Data Security: Efficiency … – MDPI


… The addition of new drones or ground-based vehicles in surveillance and traffic control is rapidly becoming a new standard. As with any new technology (8)

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