A View On Cybersecurity For Edge Computing

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Edge Computing Security Protection from the Perspective of …


… From the cybersecurity point of view the Edge has several advantages which mainly depend precisely on the fact that the data is processed locally eliminating (2)

Impact of Edge Computing on Industrial Cybersecurity – Barbara

… 10 Distributed computing at the edge appears as an answer to these challenges offering lower latencies greater resilience to failures and higher (3)

… 14 Also most current hospital systems don’t utilize modeling or AI to try and predict where cybersecurity gaps exist. One of the unique advantages (4)

The future of cybersecurity: Edge, Cloud or both?

… Edge computing enables businesses to offer faster response times reduced costs as well as provide a comprehensive IoT strategy that allows organisations to (5)

… 1 Essentially edge computing shares the same security challenges as the IoT: the devices are often small often not built with security in mind (6)

Special Issue : Fog/Edge Computing Cyber Security – MDPI

… As fully distributed heterogeneous devices and sensors process information locally in real time and interoperate with existing cloud infrastructure a number of (7)

… by J Pan · · Cited by 72 — by J Pan · · Cited by 72the conjunction of “Cybersecurity + edge computing + IoT + AI”. In and the related opportunities in such a vision. CCS CONCEPTS.(8)

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