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15 Cybersecurity in Education Stats You Should Know for 2020

… In there were a reported 348 incidents nearly three times as many as in and equating to a rate of about two incidents per school day over the course (1)


Education and the Cyber Security Talent Shortage

… With the massive cyber security talent shortage posing a real and growing threat more is being done to try and close the cyber skills gap and encourage (3)

… cybersecurity education to build a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals and think strategically about how to position cybersecurity education in the (4)

The State of Cybersecurity Education in K-12 … – Cyber.org


… 27 By incorporating cybersecurity into our school curriculum alongside core subjects like math and science we will be able to bring up the next (6)

Cybersecurity Risks in the Education Industry – Eide Bailly LLP

… According to IBM it is estimated that the average cost of a data breach in the education industry in was $3.9 million.(7)

… 3 Advancing cybersecurity competence to match digital proliferation is essential for both professionals and everyday users. Developing a (8)

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