A View On Cybersecurity For Government

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The role of government cybersecurity efforts in combating risks



Exploring organisational experiences of cyber security breaches

… 17 It also supports the government to shape future policy in this area. Understand the level of existing cyber security before a breach (3)

… 19 Organisations which fail to put in place effective cyber security measures can be fined as much as £17 million. The government wants to update (4)

National Cyber Security Centre – GOV.UK

… The NCSC acts as a bridge between industry and government providing a unified source of advice guidance and support on cyber security including the (5)


Cybersecurity In Government | Deloitte Insights

… Government stores far more data than the private sector and often keeps it on older more vulnerable systems. And even as governments try to protect (7)

… 8 The Government Cyber Security Strategy (GCSS) was launched in uary outlining the vision to ensure that core government functions are (8)

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