A View On Cybersecurity For Precision Medicine

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PMI Data Security Principles Implementation Guide

… Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Data Security Appendix A: Example Cybersecurity PMI Target Profile . and view the data in transit.(1)

… The Precision Medicine Initiative meanwhile aims to increase the use of are all part of our vision for a better America” Upton said in a statement.(2)

What does personalized medicine, data gathering and …

… 20 Kurt V. Jose CEO of IndiviDx a clinical laboratory specializing in Pharmacogenetics testing; Cyber Security Expert from the FBI.(3)

… While health IT wasn’t directly mentioned in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night two proposals touted–on cybersecurity¬†(4)

Ryan D’Ambrosio, CSM – IT Project Manager – LinkedIn


… I foresee the integration of blockchain into healthcare which cross the matrix of cybersecurity interoperability and precision medicine.(6)

Precision Medicine – The World Economic Forum

… A more tailored approach to screening diagnostics treatment and cure can improve outcomes and potentially lower costs. Governments industry academics civil¬†(7)


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