A View On Cybersecurity For Regulatory Technology

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Cybersecurity legislation: Preparing for increased reporting …


… by A otta · · Cited by 4 — by A otta · · Cited by 4Despite being two inclusive risk-driven fields cybersecurity and safety have been generally addressed separately from a regulatory point of view. However the (2)

Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations Why AI is the Future of …

… In cyberspace cyber attackers have an asymmetric advantage over defenders. In particular if defenders lag behind cyber attackers in terms of technology or (3)

… 21 With corporates adopting a range of measures to respond to regulatory obligations respondents believed that technology will play a pivotal role (4)

Keeping Up with U.S. Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance …

… 26 (5)

… 9 Enacting specific regulation and legislation is a logical way to shape everything from budgets to behaviors in pursuit of a more robust and (6)

Financial Sector’s Cybersecurity: A Regulatory … – World Bank

… As the first technical standard (which will be incorporated into the Government Functional. Standard for Security once published) the Minimum Cyber-security (7)

… by V Benson · — by V Benson · National Institute of Standards and Technology distinct in the view of cybersecurity being intertwined with safety as the loss of human life is.(8)

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