A View On Cybersecurity For Smart Cities

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Smart Cities Cybersecurity – Mission Secure

… As cities become increasingly connected cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought. Build your defense into the foundation of your smart city and guard (1)

… The architecture of the transport sector in cities differs depending on the level of maturity. Figure 5 shows a simplified view of the ICT architecture of SCs.(2)

Cybersecurity and Smart City, Brussels, 14-16 December 2022

… 4 Cybersecurity and Smart City Brussels 14-16 ember · The Smart City Context · Cyber-security at local level: understanding the context (3)

… 11 The main challenge facing smart cities is cybersecurity. access to sensitive data can lead to major breaches of privacy. for example access (4)

Addressing the Smart City Cybersecurity Problem

… Like the industrial sector the smart cities and infrastructure sector tends to take a “layered” and defensive approach to cybersecurity. Secure-by-design (5)

… 12 The new phase of the GCTC—called the Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (SC3)—addresses the question of how communities can (6)

The Cybersecurity Risks of Smart City Technologies

… Cyberattacks on cities could generate significant damage including the shut-down or compromising of vital services such as electricity or water. In numerous (7)


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