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What is a Social Media Threat? Attacks & Security – Proofpoint

… Attackers often use social media accounts during the reconnaissance phase of a social engineering or phishing attack. Social media can give attackers a platform (1)

… Clearly doing business in the digital realm is neither safe nor secure. As a matter of fact Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be $1 trillion spent (2)

How Social Media is Used in Cybercrimes – The Defence Works

… As well as being a target for malicious account access via phishing emails and texts social media is being increasingly used to deliver phishing. The (3)

… by TBG Herath · · Cited by 9 — by TBG Herath · · Cited by 9Various cyberattacks are present in social media such as identity theft spam attacks malware attacks Sybil attacks social phishing (4)

Get real about BeReal: Employees’ social media use is …

… 14 Social media data breaches accounted for 56% of total data breaches in the first half of according to ITWeb a business technology media (5)

… 13 Adversaries treat social media as a golden opportunity to spread malware to unsuspecting individuals. Links from untrusted or unsolicited social (6)

National Cyber Security Centre – NCSC.GOV.UK

… The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides cyber security guidance and support helping to make the UK the safest place to live and work online.(7)

… From online banking and shopping to email and social media it’s more important than ever to take steps that can prevent cyber criminals getting hold of (8)

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