A View On Cybersecurity For Water Treatment Technology

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The cybersecurity risk to our water supply is real. We need to …

… 3 The automation of technology that these water utilities implemented over the past two decades to both save money and increase efficiency has (1)

… 14 The FBI CISA EPA and NSA recommend WWS facilities—including DoD water treatment facilities in the United States and abroad—use a risk- (2)

Giving water sanitation inspectors cybersecurity oversight is a …

… 5 The water sector is seen as among the nation’s most vulnerable critical infrastructure to cyberattack after attacks in Florida and (3)

… 3 A joint advisory recently released by CISA FBI EPA and the NSA detailed ongoing threats to the operational technology (OT) and information (4)

Cyber security for water utilities

… 9 Today water utilities are attacked by hackers on a daily basis. Many of these utilities use technology developed decades ago without any (5)

… Recently state-backed adversary groups have launched cyber attacks against vulnerable control systems at targeted water treatment facilities. Our world-class (6)

Whitepaper Cyber Security Water – Digital Asset Management

… as legally compliant waste water treatment Siemens supports consultants a holistic security concept relies on people processes and technology in (7)

… 4 Drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks the agency said as facilities become more (8)

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