A View On Cybersecurity Regulations

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Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity

… 12 (1)

… 17 Privacy Cyber & Data Strategy Advisory: New Cybersecurity Law Will Require Cyber-Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure · A description (2)

New Regulatory Agenda Reveals Forthcoming Cybersecurity …

… 9 Taken together these regulations are a stark reminder of the growing importance of design implementation testing and updating cybersecurity (3)


When Cybersecurity Regulation Becomes Mandatory

… 29 When Cybersecurity Regulation Becomes Mandatory · 1. Do a proper in-depth vulnerability assessment – and it should take longer than 30 days.(5)

… Cybersecurity law is changing constantly as policymakers attempt to keep up with emerging technologies. Many of the latest cybersecurity laws enacted (6)

A view from Brussels: Draft regulation on cybersecurity …

… 1 A view from Brussels: Draft regulation on cybersecurity requirements; EDPB adopts application for BCR-C · Author · Tags · Comments · Related Stories (7)

… 25 This regulation created an incentive for companies to voluntarily invest a good portion of the budget to build a secure infrastructure to avoid (8)

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