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What is data analytics? Definition, models, life cycle and …

… 9 Data analytics is defined as the capability to apply quantitative analysis and technologies to data to find trends and solve problems. As (1)


The use of Big Data Analytics in healthcare

… by K Batko · · Cited by 25 — by K Batko · · Cited by 25From a clinical point of view the Big Data analysis aims to improve the health and condition of patients enable long-term predictions (3)


What is Data Analytics – Oracle



The Difference Between Data, Analytics, and Insights | Localytics

… Data analytics and insights. These words are thrown around a lot and are often used interchangeably however they don’t mean the same.(7)

… 27 Analytics is a term used in the industry which organizations are committed to data-driven decision-making that flows through retrospective (8)

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