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9 Types of Digital Marketing: When and How to Use Them?


… When crafting a digital marketing strategy companies must choose between owned earned and paid media to efficiently attain their promotional goals.(2)

Digital Marketing Strategy: Your Ultimate Guide | Gartner

… Digital marketing plays an increasingly strategic role in driving business growth. Here’s how to gain a competitive edge with an effective digital marketing (3)


What is digital marketing? – SAS

… History of Digital keting. A generation ago consumers were at the mercy of advertisers who spoon-fed them marketing messages across a few media channels: (5)

… 1/04/Are you looking for a more direct advertising strategy for a very particular audience that will help your brand to grow? Well Digital (6)

Busting 5 common digital marketing opinions – LinkedIn

… 14/10/Opinions in digital marketing are no different. Media planners may avoid publishers they don’t personally read UX designers could create a (7)

… A viable digital marketing strategy should highlight the gap you are filling and position your brand as a valuable solution. By understanding the niches you (8)

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