A View On Digital Transformation In Education

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Digital Transformation in Education: How Schools are Benefiting

… Digital transformation in education is all about making changes to the way we educate our students. This could mean anything from incorporating new technology (1)

… Efforts to assure connectivity reaches and follows learners and educators should be grounded in a rationale of educational equality. They must also be (2)

IoT in Education – Digital Transformation – CDW

… Digital Transformation Enables Safe and Smart Learning · Ensure student safety wherever they are. · Improve educational outcomes. · Reduce operational expenses.(3)

… 18 That means a digital transformation with three key levers for change: in the classroom in schools and at the systems level.(4)

Determining the Views of Teachers on the Transition to Digital …

… by EP Yildiz · · Cited by 2 — by EP Yildiz · · Cited by 2transition to digital transformation in education as a necessity especially during the pandemic process but they.(5)


Deep Dive into Digital Transformation in Higher Education …

… by M Alenezi · · Cited by 40 — by M Alenezi · · Cited by 40Rather digital transformation is a process for analyzing the needs and the demands of the stakeholders and ensuring the provision of education and research (7)

… 8 Digital Transformation in schools is not about innovation or technology it’s more a matter of culture. Through a digitalization of the (8)

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