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Digital twins: Bridging the physical and digital | Deloitte Insights


… by R Rosen · · Cited by 1169 — by R Rosen · · Cited by 1169(2)

Digital twin of a city: Review of technology serving city needs

… by VV Lehtola · · Cited by 3 — by VV Lehtola · · Cited by 3This is why Digital Twins (DTs) have something to offer for cities. Digital twins were first established in manufacturing see Fig. 1 where a DT would mean a (3)

… Although there is some consensus on the basic features of a digital twin some critical reflection is still necessary to make the concept tangible. Only then (4)

Digital Twins Of The Customer: The Future Of Data Collection

… 26 A probabilistic iterative model like the digital twin of the customer (DToC) may be a more useful way to predict consumer behavior during (5)


Digital twin – Wikipedia

… A digital twin is a digital representation of an intended or actual real-world physical product system or process (a physical twin) that serves as the (7)


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