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What is Real-Time Computer Vision with Edge Computing

… 2 Put simply edge computing is the practice of processing data in close proximity to the data source which generally makes the processing faster (1)


Edge Computing Examples Across Vertical Industries

… 9 The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has produced a corresponding growth in the volume of data collected at the network edge.(3)


What is Edge Computing? – AWS

… Companies put storage servers and other edge devices next to the data source. For example an energy company might install some server racks and a remote LAN (5)

… How does edge computing work? · A retail store 1000 miles from the company’s primary datacenter uses wireless point-of-sale devices to instantly process (6)

What is Edge Computing | Why We Need Edge

… Edge computing is a distributed computing model in which computing takes place near the physical location where data is being collected and analyzed (7)

… by S Hamdan · · Cited by 69 — by S Hamdan · · Cited by 69An IoT network is a system of associated and diverse devices for example vehicles and home appliances with abilities such as communication (8)

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