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What Is Edge Computing and Why Is It Important?

… Edge computing allows devices in remote locations to process data at the “edge” of the network either by the device or a local server. And when data needs to (1)

… Edge computing differs from the traditional computing model of processing and analysing data in a centralised data centre — either in the cloud or on a (2)

moving data processing from the cloud to the edge – Italtel

… Many are the benefits of edge computing: reduced latency secure decentralized processing and archiving scalability to less complexity versatility to (3)

… Cloud gaming a new kind of gaming which streams a live feed of the game directly to devices (the game itself is processed and hosted in data centres) is (4)

The benefits of edge computing in maritime industry

… What edge computing essentially does is to distribute data processing amongst a series of so-called gateway PCs or simply gateways located closer to the edge (5)


Advantages and disadvantages of Edge Computing

… Many Cloud-based applications use a Data Center with servers as a central location to process information generated by devices such as smartphones tablets and (7)

… Edge computing is the practice of capturing storing processing and analyzing data near the client where the data is generated instead of in a centralized (8)

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