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15 Disruptive EdTech Startups to Watch for in 2023 – Causeartist

… 5 The education sector is no stranger to technology. In fact EdTech startups have been gaining a lot of traction in recent years.(1)


Behind the scenes: The challenges of building an EdTech …

… Investment: It’s extremely challenging to raise for an EdTech startup and you will find very few VCs who focus on only EdTech investment. The reason behind that (3)


Which Edtech Companies Are Listening to Teachers? – EdSurge

… 15 Companies that lack a leader with an education background or fail to get educators’ perspectives into the product often fail he says—or get (5)

… 12 But after a decade of glittering promises of democratization and egalitarian education EdTech and its companies have become bigger — but (6)

Pro Tips to Succeed Your EdTech Startup – KrishaWeb

… 9 Let us glance through some expert opinions and pro-tips that may help EdTech Startups to succeed in this truly competitive field…(7)

… Interactive screens virtual classes and MOOCs are all examples of EdTech.The goal of EdTech companies is to improve student outcomes enhance their learning (8)

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