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Analyzing undergraduate students’ performance using …


… 13 The adoption of learning management systems in education has been increasing in the last few years. Various data mining techniques like (2)

Educational Data Mining: A Review of the State of the Art

… Educational data mining (EDM) is an emerging interdisciplinary research area that deals with the development of methods to explore data originating in an (3)

… 31 This prediction problem is a kernel task toward personalized education and has attracted increasing attention in the field of artificial (4)

Main steps of educational data mining process. – ResearchGate

… Such innovative learning platforms generate daily a huge quantity of data regarding the interactions among the students and the VLE. To analyze these big (5)

… Educational data mining (EDM) is a broader term that focuses on analyzing exploring predicting clustering and classification of data in educational (6)

Educational Data Mining Approaches, Challenges and Goals

… PDF | On 5 Chitra Jalota and others published Educational Data Mining Approaches Challenges and Goals: A Review | Find read and cite all the (7)

… 29 The findings of the comprehensive analysis show that ANN and Random Forest are mostly used data mining algorithms while WEKA is found as a (8)

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