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SPETS: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Energy Trading …


… by H Javed · Cited by 18 — by H Javed · Cited by 18Therefore trading in a P2P network is tough. It is for the reason that in P2P trading prosumers are believed to trade their system’s energy (2)

Emission trading systems – OECD


… The solution we developed is a very sophisticated energy trading platform supporting the delivery of power generating in real time in line with contracts for (4)

Energy Traders Are Missing a Major Opportunity

… In this article by digital business transformation specialists Publicis Sapient read why energy companies now need IT systems that can adapt quickly and (5)

… Fast trading environmentEnergy trading from the traders’ perspective requires a system designed to facilitate the day-to-day trading experience.(6)

First Demonstration Experiment for Energy Trading System …

… by Y Ikeda · — by Y Ikeda · We develop topology and network science methodologies to understand the characteristics of energy trading. We test the hypothesis that market (7)

… It also ensures that clients use analytical insights to positively impact trading and risk management.As a strategic partner for two of the world’s five oil (8)

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