A View On Food Technology

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Chapter:4 Food Science and Technology

… With technologies that collect transmit store and analyze data obtained from real-time sensors along with a centralized system of databases with sampling (1)

… by SJ Munarso · · Cited by 1 — by SJ Munarso · · Cited by 1Bringing Local Food to Global ket: A Food Technology Perspective ; Figures. Skip to each figure in the article ; Tables. Skip to each table in the article.(2)

Advances in food technology can help in the fight against …

… Technological advancements in the food industry can help feed a growing population and minimize demand on the environment.(3)

… by D Bounie · · Cited by 20 — by D Bounie · · Cited by 20A report from the World Economic Forum () has identified 12 key technology applications that may accelerate food systems transformation “to sustainably and (4)

Food technology neophobia and consumer attitudes toward …

… by MCTR Vidigal · · Cited by 118 — by MCTR Vidigal · · Cited by 118In this sense Pliner and Hobden (1992) developed a neophobia food scale to assess consumer reactions in relation to new ethnic or cultural foods but is less (5)

… Food Scientist and Technologist · Food Science Technician · Extension Agents and Specialists · Consumer Safety Officer · Food Inspector · Food Policy Analyst · Sales (6)

Future of food technology – YouTube


… by S Gardner · Cited by 10 — by S Gardner · Cited by 10Sherwin Gardner is a Senior Vice President for Science and Technology of the Grocery Manufacturers of America Inc. Consumers have a right to expect that the (8)

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