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Gamification as Online Teaching Strategy During COVID-19

… by FA Nieto-Escamez · · Cited by 92 — by FA Nieto-Escamez · · Cited by 92(1)


Using Gamification in a Teaching Innovation Project at … – ERIC

… by D López Carrillo · · Cited by 82 — by D López Carrillo · · Cited by 82Our goal was to apply gamification theories to develop a series of laboratory practices in different scientific areas such as Biology in future teachers (3)


Level Up Engagement with Gamification

… We already live in a gamified world. Peloton Starbucks Fitbit Apple Watch Khan Academy Uber and Venmo are examples — apps that apply game mechanics (5)


prospective preschool and primary school – ERIC

… by É Bálint-Svella · · Cited by 7 — by É Bálint-Svella · · Cited by 7Gamification is a rather new method in education and unfortunately is not a widely known method among Hungarian primary school teachers in (7)

… Because contestification is like price competition. Whoever offers the biggest prizes wins. It is a race to the bottom. But gamification is more like customer (8)

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