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Health Information Technology: a Tool to Help Clinicians Do …


… Widespread use of health IT within the health care industry will improve the quality of health care prevent medical errors reduce health care costs increase (2)

A regulatory perspective on the influence of health information …

… 15 Although digital maturity and the positive use of health information technology are significantly associated with overall organisational quality (3)

… Health Information Technology Model · Facilitating the relationship between patients care coordinators and healthcare providers · Improving communication among (4)

Health Information Technology (HIT) Adaptation – NCBI

… by PY Yen · · Cited by 72 — by PY Yen · · Cited by 72In past years policies and regulations required hospitals to implement advanced capabilities of certified electronic health records (EHRs) (5)

… by T Zayas-Cabán · · Cited by 18 — by T Zayas-Cabán · · Cited by 18The growth of digitized health data presents exciting opportunities to leverage the health information technology (IT) infrastructure for (6)

Health information technology and digital innovation for …

… by A Sheikh · · Cited by 65 — by A Sheikh · · Cited by 65Health information technology can support the development of national learning health and care systems which can be defined as health and (7)

… Prepared by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement for the National Opinion. Research Center under contract No. 290-04-0016. AHRQ Publication No. 07-0079-EF.(8)

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