A View On High-performance Computing

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High-Performance Computing – an overview

… Thus high-performance computers will no longer be specialized architectures but be the high end of a continuum of fast desktop systems and servers. Scalable (1)


Virtualizing High Performance Computing | HPC | VMware | CA

… Our approach to virtualizing HPC adds a level of flexibility operational efficiency agility and security that cannot be achieved in bare-metal environments— (3)

… High-performance computing (HPC) uses supercomputers and computer clusters to solve advanced computation problems. The Center for Nanoscale Materials at the (4)

High Performance Computing (HPC) – Amazon AWS

… Run your large complex simulations and deep learning workloads in the cloud with a complete suite of high performance computing (HPC) products and services (5)

… High Performance Computing (HPC) is the IT practice of aggregating computing power to deliver more performance than a typical computer can provide.(6)

Research – High Performance Computing for Efficient …

… Therefore HPC is the use of parallel processing for the efficient reliable and quick execution of advanced applications. The need of computing resources is a (7)

… High-performance computing (HPC) – the most powerful and largest scale computing systems — enables researchers to study systems that would otherwise be (8)

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