A View On Human-computer Interaction

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34. Human-computer Interaction

… Human–computer interaction (commonly referred to as HCI) researches the design and use of computer technology focused on the interfaces between people (users) (1)



… Broadening the View: Human- reach a more holistic view on users’ experiences and HCI critical theory society dialectical thinking design.(4)

Activity Theory: Implications for Human-Computer Interaction

… by V Kaptelinin · Cited by 807 — by V Kaptelinin · Cited by 807psychology to issues of human-computer interaction. From the traditional cognitive point of view the HCI system is composed of two information.(5)

… 5 To make the interface design of computer application system better meet the psychological and emotional needs of users and be more humanized (6)

Human Computer Interaction – Adobe Research

… Human Computer Interaction (HCI) focuses on how people use technology and how it affects their lives with a goal of designing the best possible digital (7)


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