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Ethics Issues Raised by Human Enhancement | OpenMind

… by PD Raskin · — by PD Raskin · These NBIC sciences suggest ways in which technology could allow people to make themselves “better than well” (Elliot 2003 Kramer 1994) by using human (1)

… 17 Americans regard advances in artificial intelligence and human enhancement technologies with a degree of caution and uncertainty.(2)

SRHRL Past Projects: Human Enhancement – AAAS

… Human enhancement is the concept of applying science and technologies to expand cognitive and physical human capacities. Technologies for human enhancement (3)

… 17 Human enhancement practices encompass a wide range of techniques to augment or improve people’s physical mental and reproductive capabilities.(4)

What Americans Think of Human Enhancement Technologies

… 16 Today human enhancement in some respects already a mundane and universally accepted part of medicine is now poised to spark transformative (5)

… Human enhancement is the natural artificial or technological alteration of the human body in order to enhance physical or mental capabilities.(6)

Reframing Human Enhancement: A Population Health …

… by LY Cabrera · · Cited by 12 — by LY Cabrera · · Cited by 12The dominant understandings on human enhancement such as those based on the therapy–enhancement distinction or transhumanist views (7)

… In our view a cross-disciplinary approach within the fields of philosophy engineering computer science law and social science is critical as more and more (8)

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