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What Is Industrial IoT (IIoT)? – Cisco

… What Is IIoT? Industrial IoT is an ecosystem of devices sensors applications and associated networking equipment that work together to collect monitor (1)


Mastering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)The … – Awsstatic

… A structured view of IIoT and the layers of companies operating within it. 4 Roland Berger Focus– Industrial Internet of Things. Page 5. We identify five layers (3)


The Industrial Internet of Things – IEEE Spectrum

… Industry 4.0 Industrial IoT and Industrial Internet are used interchangeably when talking about the new era of manufacturing. A digital ecosystem of connected (5)

… by A Banafa · · Cited by 14 — by A Banafa · · Cited by 14By experts forecast that up to 28 billion devices will be connected to the Internet with only one third of them being computers smartphones (6)

Industrial Internet Of Things Market Growth & Trends

… The global industrial internet of things market size is anticipated to reach USD 1693.30 billion and is expected to expand at 23.2% CAGR from to 2030 (7)

… 19 Bain’s survey of industrial IoT decision makers finds more companies piloting the technology cutting costs and increasing revenue but (8)

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