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Industrial robots, employment growth, and labor cost

… by JH g · · Cited by 62 — by JH g · · Cited by 62The extensive use of industrial robots tends to suppress employment growth confirming the labor-substituting effect of industrial robots; the observed trend (1)

… by RD Atkinson · · Cited by 39 — by RD Atkinson · · Cited by 39As such a critical question is how nations compare in robot adoption. The most commonly used metric is the number of industrial robots as a (2)

How Robots May Impact the U.S. Labor Market | St. Louis Fed

… 10 Industrial robots are a type of automation technology that could lead to a structural shift in the labor market particularly among routine (3)

… An industrial robot is a sort of mechanical equipment that is fed data and is programmed to execute activities linked to industry production automatically.(4)

Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on Employment – Robohub

… Robot density in a sector only provides a partial view of employment which is dependent on robotics. For example use of robotics in the automotive sector does.(5)

… by J Arents · · Cited by 35 — by J Arents · · Cited by 35Current computer-vision deep reinforcement learning and imitation learning based robot control approaches and possible applications in manufacturing are (6)

Substantial capabilities of robotics in enhancing industry 4.0 …

… by M Javaid · · Cited by 77 — by M Javaid · · Cited by 77The robots carry on various tasks in development with vision technology cameras and AI. They are capable of cutting measuring packing and palletising (7)

… 27 Industrial robot technology progresses rapidly. The robots of the future will far exceed the capabilities of today’s robots (8)

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