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The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technology …

… Intellectual property rights and international technology diffusion . would be in a position to determine the appropriate strength of IPR protection for (1)


Innovation and Intellectual Property – WIPO

… In practice this means that if a technology has limited commercial value the patent holder may decide to abandon the patent at which point the technology (3)

… International technology transfer is a widely studied topic. The interest derives from the belief that technological progress is the engine of economic growth (4)

REPORT on intellectual property rights for the development of …


… by A Breitwieser · 2010 · Cited by 31 — by A Breitwieser · 2010 · Cited by 31Technology diffusion and intellectual property rights . be in a position to determine the appropriate strength of IPR protection for the world as a.(6)

Intellectual Property & Technology | Practical Law – Westlaw

… Practical legal know-how for attorneys on privacy copyright trademark patent trade secrets and information technology.(7)

… Define Technology Intellectual Property. shall refer collectively to all Intellectual Property that is owned by controlled by used by or licensed to (8)

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