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Translation Technology for Student Translators: A Study on …

… by SW Halim · Cited by 5 — by SW Halim · Cited by 5JETAFL (Journal of English Teaching as a Foreign Language). ISSN: 2459-9506 their experiences and their opinions about using translation technology.(1)

… by Y Wu · · Cited by 1 — by Y Wu · · Cited by 1Machine Translation (MT) is defined by Hutchins and Somers as “computerized systems responsible for the production of translation from one natural language to (2)

Chapter 5 – State of the art in Translation Memory Technology

… They have become the major language technology to Today most professional translators use tm technology on a regular basis Mas- from a tm and view.(3)

… 9 Despite the promise of ILT technologies there is a significant problem to be reckoned with: communication is about much more than translation (4)

Machine translation and foreign language education – PMC


… by KN Dew · · Cited by 62 — by KN Dew · · Cited by 62Freely available MT offers a promising low-cost and efficient solution for language translation. For users who typically rely on translation vendors (6)

The role of translation technologies in Spanish language …


… 19 Google Translate is one of the more frequently used language translation apps. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR) This article is more than 4 years old.(8)

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