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Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 – Lloyd’s Register

… The report examines the transformative impact of 18 technologies on ship design on naval power and on the use of ocean space in 2030. To download please click (1)

… The book covers all aspects of maritime activity including in Volume 1: Structures Hydrodynamics Machinery Control and Design. In Volume 2: itime (2)

The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade, and …

… by L Pascali · · Cited by 244 — by L Pascali · · Cited by 244The invention and subsequent development of the steamship represents a water- shed event in maritime transport. For the first time vessels were not at the (3)

… 20 For the maritime industry digitalization has become mandatory to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.(4)

Human-centred design for maritime technology and … – CORE

… by NA COSTA · · Cited by 6 — by NA COSTA · · Cited by 6A more systemic perspective is needed of how the different people and processes in the sea transport system can be affected by the introduction of new (5)

… by G Glouftsios · — by G Glouftsios · Perceiving and Controlling itime Flows. Technology Kinopolitics and the Governmentalization of Vision. Get access Arrow.(6)

WHITE PAPER – Sea Europe

… markets to boost Europe’s global maritime technology leadership position”. SEA EUROPE’S VISION FOR 2030 AND BEYOND. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (7)

… by MK Chowdhary · · Cited by 1 — by MK Chowdhary · · Cited by 1(8)

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