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Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science


… The Journal of Materials Science publishes papers that report significant original research results on or techniques for studying the relationships (2)

Materials Science – Research

… The nation depends on breakthrough materials science to meet critical future-security imperatives. New materials will be vital to providing new capabilities (3)

… This grouping combines materials with similar chemical make-up atomic structure and/or engineering properties. There is an intimate link between the chemical (4)

What do materials science and engineering graduates do?

… Materials science and engineering graduates are employed in a range of sectors including: More job opportunities are being created thanks to developments in (5)


Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know

… You will learn to define a linear defect and see how materials deform through dislocation motion. Lesson four compares stress versus strain and introduces the (7)

… In a broad sense materials science involves studying the synthesis processing structure properties and performance of materials.(8)

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