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Who will be the winners in the mobile payments battle?

… The term mobile payments describes a payment process where the initiation confirmation authorisation or realisation of the financial transaction requires a (1)

… by M Karsen · · Cited by 83 — by M Karsen · · Cited by 83In the last 10 years mobile payment is widely used by anyone and even becomes a needs requirement to perform financial activities.(2)

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Payment … – MONEI

… 3 Mobile payments are a mobile point of sale · Mobile payment apps which connect via an iOS or Android app to facilitate mobile payment processing (3)

… banking transaction should not be considered as a mobile payment. 3. Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 ember 2007 on (4)

Intention to use new mobile payment systems: a comparative …

… by F Liébana-Cabanillas · · Cited by 186 — by F Liébana-Cabanillas · · Cited by 186By the end of the decade the study expects a significant boost in the use of retail apps (8%) Apple Pay™/Samsung Pay™ (7%) and PayPal (6%). In total (5)

… 25 To be sure this shift has been enabled by a series of contextual factors that mobile payments providers in most other developing countries (6)

Mobile payments adoption in public transport – ScienceDirect

… by T Fontes · · Cited by 41 — by T Fontes · · Cited by 41Nevertheless the adoption of this technology to perform mobile payments namely in public transport was only implemented in a few number of transport networks (7)

… by N Eriksson · · Cited by 26 — by N Eriksson · · Cited by 26In this study the objective was to identify potential barriers to a wider adoption of mobile in-store payments and fulfilled by using innovation resistance (8)

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