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Full article: The neurotechnology and society interface

… by DM Bowman · · Cited by 7 — by DM Bowman · · Cited by 7(1)

… by S Knopf · — by S Knopf · Through such visions neurotech entrepreneurs chart technology trajectories and corollary ethical obligations as a relationship between the (2)

Of Man and Mice: Translational Research in Neurotechnology

… by T Stieglitz · · Cited by 18 — by T Stieglitz · · Cited by 18Vision implants have been granted medical device approval. Electrical stimulation to elicit gait and grasp in paralyzed subjects and (3)

… by C Vidal · · Cited by 1 — by C Vidal · · Cited by 1Both combine into a booming field of investigation called “neurotechnologies” (NTs) that result from research into brain pathophysiology (4)

Privacy in the Brain: The Ethics of Neurotechnology

… 31 The Link is a type of neurotechnology a broad term that refers to the field of science that marries electronic components to a nervous system.(5)

… In the OECD approved a ‘Recommendation of the Council on Responsible Innovation in Neurotechnology’ whereby certain challenges posed by neurotechnologies (6)

Preliminary draft report of the IBC on ethical issues of …


… What great technology would we create if we had a major investment in neuroscience and neurotechnology? We here at the Potomac Institute are involved in a (8)

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