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Nuclear Energy – Our World in Data

… As the world attempts to transition its energy systems away from fossil fuels towards low-carbon sources of energy we have a range of energy options: (1)

… 24 Nuclear power can be used to help make hydrogen or electricity to power the cars our children and grandchildren will drive; nuclear power can (2)

Public opinion on nuclear energy: Turning a corner?

… 12 In il for the first time ever in 36 years of surveying the national public about nuclear energy a majority of Americans said they (3)

… 20 The Government of Canada views nuclear energy as an important component of a diversified energy mix. It has taken necessary measures to ensure (4)

Americans’ views about nuclear power continue to be mixed

… 23 Around a third of U.S. adults (35%) say the federal government should encourage the production of nuclear power while about a quarter (26%) say (5)

… by HK Patenaude · Cited by 1 — by HK Patenaude · Cited by 1Nuclear energy experts consider commercial power from fission to be a strong contender to help mitigate the increasing effects of climate (6)

Nuclear – Department of Energy

… Nuclear power the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity contributes nearly 20 percent of the electricity generated in America.(7)

… U.S. nuclear power plants are being leveraged to help lower the cost and scale-up the production of clean hydrogen. Learn more. Nuclear Milestones. VIEW ALL.(8)

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