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Computers Output Devices | Example & Uses of … – eduCBA

… The outgoing audio data requires the sound amplifying devices and a few such audio output devices are Speakers & Headphones. These output devices are connected (1)

… The correct answer is option 4. Screen: It is the output device that helps to display soft copy. A nonprinted copy of a document is known as (2)

Short Note on Output Devices – Unacademy

… Let us start by going through the output device definition to learn about the output devices of computers. A computer’s output device refers to any hardware (3)

… The output devices make it possible to view or print data. Some examples of output devices are Monitor Printer and Speaker etc.(4)

What is an Output Device? – Twinkl Teaching Wiki

… An output device is a piece of hardware used to receive data from the computer and convert it into a human-perceptible form. An example of an output device (5)

… Output Devices. Monitor. Monochrome Monitor. • A monochrome monitor is a type of CRT computer display which was very common in the early days of computing (6)

Learn About Different Types of Output Devices – Naukri.com

… 31 The monitor is another of the output devices most used by users. Thanks to the monitor users can view data and images from the computer. The (7)


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