A View On Passwords And Authentication

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What is a password? – TechTarget


… 22 In most cases within a computer network authentication is used to link a specific person to a specific user account. When a person attempts to (2)

Passwords in online services – ICO

… The success of using a password to properly authenticate a user of your service relies on the fact that their password remains a shared secret between you and (3)

… 31 Hackers are having a field day and weak authentication is a major cause. The vast majority of cyberattacks — some 80% statistics show — have (4)

The state of authentication: Is a passwords replacement …

… New technologies and standards are transforming user authentication mechanisms at many organizations. Microsoft Google the FIDO Alliance and others are (5)

… by S Wiefling · · Cited by 24 — by S Wiefling · · Cited by 24Risk-based Authentication (RBA) is an adaptive security measure to strengthen password-based authentication. RBA monitors ad- ditional features during login (6)

The Truth About Passwordless Authentication | OneLogin

… Passwordless authentication is a means to verify a user’s identity without using a password. Instead passwordless uses more secure alternatives like (7)

… Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer and personal information. The stronger your password the more (8)

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