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Quantum algorithms – People @EECS

… There is a catch of course: this algorithm needs a quantum computer to execute. Quantum physics is a beautiful and mysterious theory that describes Nature in (1)

… 7 A quantum computer contains many number of qubits. So it is necessary to know how to construct the combined state of a system of qubits given (2)

Mapping Functions’ APIs and Inputs to Oracles

… Implementing Grover’s Algorithm on the IBM Quantum Computers · Quantum Inspire: QuTech’s platform for co-development and collaboration in quantum computing · A (3)

… Quantum algorithms take a new approach to these sorts of complex problems — creating multidimensional spaces where the patterns linking individual data points (4)

Quantum Algorithm Zoo

… Beyond Shor’s algorithm there is a growing body of work on quantum algorithms specifically designed to attack cryptosystems. These generally fall into three (5)

… Quantum Computing (QC) is a promising approach which is expected to boost the development of new services and applications. Specific addressable problems (6)

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information


… Correction to: Computer Scientist’s and Programmer’s View on Quantum Algorithms: Mapping Functions’ APIs and Inputs to Oracles To read the full-text of this (8)

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